Insulated Sterex Electrolysis Needles, shipping anywhere in Canada.

Sterex needles are available in two length sizes; Regular and Short. They also range in diameter size from 2-10 with 2-6 being the most popular.

About the Sterex Brand

Sterex has been providing excellent quality electrolysis tools for decades, which has made them the preferred choice for many electrolysis professionals across the globe. Sterex electrolysis needles are manufactured by a team of highly-skilled engineers and professional technicians based out of the Sterex Headquarters in England. Each product undergoes a thorough and rigorous series of quality checks required for all sterile medical devices, guaranteeing a sterile and reliable product every time.

Product Description

  • Manufactured from medical grade stainless steel and coated with a specialist medical grade insulation material
  • Reduces discomfort and skin damage ONLY used for Thermolysis
  • Suitable for clients prone to pigmentation or sensitive skin
  • All needles are pre-sterilized and individually wrapped