Cookie Policy of

This document elucidates the technologies employed by to fulfill the described purposes. These technologies enable the website to access and store information, such as Cookies, or utilize resources like scripts on users' devices during their interaction with the site.

To simplify, all these technologies are collectively termed "Trackers" herein. However, specific distinctions may be made when necessary. For instance, the term "Cookies" is exclusively used for browser-based tracking, not applicable to mobile apps.

Certain purposes for Tracker usage may require user consent. Users retain the right to freely withdraw consent at any time as instructed in this document. utilizes both first-party Trackers, managed directly by the owner, and third-party Trackers facilitating external services. Third-party providers may access their managed Trackers unless otherwise stated.

The duration of validity for Cookies and similar Trackers may differ based on settings by the Owner or relevant providers. Some expire at the end of a user's browsing session.

For detailed information on Tracker lifetimes and other relevant details, users can refer to linked privacy policies of third-party providers or contact the Owner.

**Categories of Tracker Usage:**

**1. Activities Necessary for Operation:**
  - Technical Cookies and similar Trackers are employed for essential operational activities of the website.

**2. Third-party Trackers:**
  - SPAM Protection: Utilizing Google reCAPTCHA for analyzing and filtering SPAM content.

  - Handling Payments: External payment service providers like Square are used for payment processing.

  - Traffic Optimization and Distribution: Cloudflare aids in content distribution and performance optimization.

**3. Other Activities with Trackers:**
  - Functionality: Trackers are used for basic interactions and functionalities to enhance user experience.

  - Interaction with Live Chat Platforms: Facebook Messenger Customer Chat facilitates direct interaction.

  - Measurement and Analytics: Google Ads conversion tracking, Google Analytics, and other services analyze user behavior to improve the service.

**4. Anonymized Analytics Services:**
  - Google Analytics with anonymized IP collects analytics in anonymized form, respecting user privacy.

**5. Marketing:**
  - Advertising: Trackers are employed for delivering personalized marketing content based on user behavior.

**Managing Preferences and Consent:**
Users can manage Tracker preferences within device settings, set preferences in the cookie notice, and withdraw consent accordingly. Browser features allow deletion of stored Trackers. Third-party Tracker preferences can be managed via opt-out links or by referring to third-party privacy policies.

**Consequences of Denying Trackers:**
Users have the option to allow or block Trackers. However, blocking Trackers may impact the website's ability to provide enhanced features.

This policy applies solely to, and users are encouraged to contact the Owner for further information on Tracker usage. Definitions and legal references are provided for clarity.

Latest Update: October 17, 2021