Micro Needling

eDermaStamp Micro Needling machine used at Hilltop Electrolysis & Laser

Micro Needling also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) USING THE¬†eDermaStamp¬ģ by Dermaroller¬ģ


Full Face  $200 

Full Face, including Neck, Decollete, & Hands  $250

Package pricing available.

What Is Micro Needling?

A handheld device is used containing very fine needles that micro-punctures the skin, while maintaining the integrity of the dermis. This controlled injury causes the skin to respond with its natural repair and healing process. This stimulates collagen and the elastin in the dermis. This procedure can be used anywhere on the body. A numbing agent may be applied to ensure a comfortable experience. 

Best performed when the client is able to be out of the direct sun for several weeks, as this procedure will increase your sensitivity to the harsh sun, sun exposure must be avoided immediately following this treatment.

We recommend 2-5 treatments every 4-6 weeks dependant on your skin care goals. Remember this procedure continues to build collagen for a month after the procedure.

The duration of this procedure varies and depends on which area of the body is targeted. It is advised to avoid makeup for 24-48 hours following this treatment as the skin has experienced trauma and requires time to heal. It is important to know that you will experience redness and swelling on your journey!

Our Machine

We are pleased to be partnered with a Canadian company that is well respected in the industry the eDermaStamp¬ģ by Dermaroller¬ģ

This company is known to deliver gold-standard products and is licensed by Health Canada. The eDermaStamp is a certified medical device offering sterile manufacturing. This device is Electric, to offer a consistent experience to the skin.

Our practitioners are highly trained to deliver this minimally invasive treatment to improve the quality of the skin and scarring. This procedure is considered safe for most skin types and an experienced practitioner will evaluate the skin to determine if medical-grade micro needling is appropriate. A customized regime will be discussed to help clients achieve their glowing skincare goals!

Benefits :

  • Improves texture and¬† overall skin tone.
  • One of the best anti-aging facials on the market, decreases fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet.
  • Tightens skin¬†
  • Corrects pigmentation
  • Reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks ( face, stretch marks, or any other part of the body)
  • Scar Therapy Regime available
  • Collagen Induction therapy

How to prepare

  • Stop the use of any¬† topical retinoids, acids, accutane,¬†exfoliants, topical antibiotics a minimum of 5¬†days prior. (If you're unsure ask!)

  • Make sure to avoid sun exposure/tanning beds¬†5 days prior.

  • Avoid any hair removal 3-5 days prior to treatment.


  • Following our personalized¬†after care protocol will ensure a successful outcome. You will be sent home with a copy after your treatment.
  • For the first 48 hours just use warm or cool water to splash the face clean.
  • Recovery duration depends on a few factors.¬†
  • A bland skin care routine is highly recommended for the first 3 days.
  • Be gentle and kind to the skin. No aggressive cleansers or scrubbing,
  • Wait at least 72¬†hours before using ANY actives on the skin.
  • Rain or shine, cloud or sunny skies ‚ĶSUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN. The skin will now be more photosensitive to the sun. Carry sunscreen with you at all times, to reapply during the day.
  • We send you home with Hilltop's personalized aftercare instructions.


Hilltop  offers a  free consultation  for this service; please be aware there are some health issues which are contra-indications for this particular form of collagen induction therapy. This will be discussed before any treatment. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to our team at Hilltop to discuss your skincare goals!

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