Privacy Policy of

This Privacy Policy outlines the practices of regarding the collection and processing of personal data from its users. Users are encouraged to read and understand this policy for transparency and informed use of the website.

**Owner and Data Controller:**
9108 Danforth Rd.
Cobourg ON K9A4J8

Owner contact email:

**Types of Data Collected:**
This website may collect various types of personal data, including but not limited to Tracker, Usage Data, unique device identifiers for advertising, device information, User ID, username, password, data communicated during service usage, first name, last name, gender, date of birth, phone number, company name, profession, physical address, fax number, country, state, email address, ZIP/Postal code, various types of data, city, field of activity, website, answers to questions, clicks, keypress events, motion sensor events, mouse movements, scroll position, touch events, payment info, purchase history, billing address.

Complete details on each type of personal data collected are available in dedicated sections of this privacy policy or through specific explanations displayed prior to data collection. Users may provide data voluntarily, and the failure to provide mandatory data may impact the website's ability to deliver services.

**Data Processing:**
The owner employs security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction of data. Processing is conducted using computers and/or IT-enabled tools, following organizational procedures related to the specified purposes. Certain individuals (e.g., administration, sales, marketing, legal) or external parties may access the data as necessary for website operation.

**Place of Processing:**
Data is processed at the owner's operating offices and other locations where processing parties are situated. Data transfers may occur to countries different from the user's own, and users can refer to the privacy policy section for details.

**Retention Time:**
Unless otherwise specified, personal data is processed and stored for as long as necessary for the intended purpose or as required by applicable legal obligations.

**Purposes of Processing:**
The collection of user data serves various purposes, including providing services, complying with legal obligations, responding to enforcement requests, protecting rights and interests, detecting malicious or fraudulent activity. Specific purposes include Analytics, Advertising, Contacting the User, SPAM protection, Handling payments, Interaction with live chat platforms, and Traffic optimization and distribution.

**Detailed Information on Processing:**
Personal data is processed for advertising and analytics services, utilizing platforms such as Google Ad Manager, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads conversion tracking. Users may opt-out of certain tracking features as explained in relevant privacy policies.

**Contacting the User:**
This website uses contact forms, phone contact, and mailing lists or newsletters to interact with users. Users providing their phone number or subscribing to the mailing list may receive commercial or promotional communications.

**Handling Payments:**
Payment processing is carried out by external payment service providers. Users are requested to provide payment details directly to these providers, with the website receiving notifications on successful transactions.

**Interaction with Live Chat Platforms:**
Live chat services like Facebook Messenger Customer Chat may be used for direct interaction. Users are informed that live chat conversations may be logged.

**SPAM Protection:**
Google reCAPTCHA is employed for SPAM protection, analyzing traffic for potential SPAM content. Users can refer to Google's privacy policy for more information.

**Traffic Optimization and Distribution:**
Cloudflare, a traffic optimization service, may be used to distribute content across different countries, enhancing performance. Users can review Cloudflare's privacy policy for details.

**Information on Opting Out of Interest-Based Advertising:**
Users can learn about opting out of interest-based advertising in the dedicated section of the Cookie Policy.

**Rights of Users:**
Users have rights regarding their processed data, including withdrawing consent, objecting to processing, accessing, verifying, seeking rectification, restricting processing, deleting data, receiving data for transfer, lodging complaints, and learning about data transfers and security measures.

**Legal Basis of Processing:**
The legal basis for data processing includes user consent, necessity for performance of a contract, compliance with legal obligations, tasks carried out in the public interest, and legitimate interests pursued by the owner or third parties.

**Retention Time and GDPR Rights:**
Personal data retention follows the purposes for collection. Users have rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and may exercise them as outlined in the policy.

**Legal Information:**
This privacy policy applies solely to Users are encouraged to check for updates, and changes will be communicated on the website.

Definitions of terms such as Personal Data, Usage Data, User, Data Subject, Data Processor, Data Controller, Service, and others are provided for clarity.

**Latest Update:**
Nov 21, 2023

This Privacy Policy is designed to inform users about the data practices of, and users are encouraged to review it regularly for updates.