The ancient art of body sugaring performed right in Cobourg. Serving clients across Northumberland County, Ontario.

How can sugaring help you?

Sugaring is an Ancient method of hair removal that has been around for hundreds of years. It involves the use of a natural, vegan and gluten-free sugar paste that is applied in the opposite direction of one’s hair growth and then removed in the hair’s natural direction. The hair is lifted from the root, which is more effective than shaving, which removes hair only from the skin’s surface. Sugaring will keep your skin smooth for approximately 4 - 6 weeks and is often described as less painful than waxing. Here at Hilltop Electrolysis we use only Alexandria Professional brand sugar, a leader in the sugar paste market.

Sugaring Vs. Waxing: What to expect!

People often ask what the difference between sugaring and waxing is. Both are forms of hair removal that removes hair from the root. As mentioned above, when sugaring, the paste is applied in the opposite direction of one’s hair growth. When it is lifted, however, it is removed in the hair’s natural direction. Waxing is conducted in the opposite manner, where the wax is applied in the hair’s natural direction and removed against the hair growth which may lead to more hair breakage.

The ingredients in sugar paste are made up of 100 % water-soluble natural hypoallergenic ingredients that will not damage your skin (or clothing). Sugaring is great for people with sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema, PCOS, and psoriasis. Sugaring does not stick to live skin cells and removes the dead ones along with the unwanted hair. Plus sugar paste is kept just above body temperature, thus illuminating the chance of burning the skin.

Waxing is often said to be more painful than sugaring as it involves removing both dead and live skin cells, down to the hair follicle. The ingredients in wax mixtures often contain beeswax, resin and oils. Waxing is said to leave bumps, irritation and potential in-grown hairs. Sugaring is said to have more minor reactions.

How to prepare for your appointment

  • Exfoliate your skin 48-24 hours prior to appointment
  • Your hair needs to be 1/4 to 1/8 inch long. 
  • Apply numbing cream one hour prior to appointment if necessary. 


  • Sugaring doesn't have much after care because it's one of the most gentle hair removal techniques on the market. We recommend:
  • Staying out of the sun or tanning beds for 24 hours.
  • Staying out of hot tubs for 12-24hrs
  • Exfoliating your skin.

Alexandria Sugar Paste

As mentioned above, Alexandria sugar pastes are the leading brand in the professional market. Hilltop Electrolysis is proud to be a user of their fabulous products and our clients will agree that their sugar yields terrific results! Alexandria Professional was founded in 1991 by Lina Kennedy and is known as the ‘Sugar Queen’!



Eyebrows $15.00

Upper lip $15.00

Chin/sides of face $25.00

Full face $45.00


Underarms $25.00

Half arms $30.00 

Full arms $45.00

Half leg $45.00 

Full leg $65.00 

Full leg w/ bikini $80.00 

Bikini $30.00+ 

Brazilian $55.00 + 

Full Body $200.00+ 


Chest $50.00 

Half back $40.00 

Full back $60.00 

Shoulders $30.00 

Underarms $30.00 

Half arms $40.00 

Full arms $50.00 

Half leg $50.00 

Full leg $75.00 

Mankini $50.00+