Thermocoagulation also known as Electrocoagulation, Advanced Electrolysis and Skin Classic is the process of removing or reducing  skin blemish with heat. During the procedure clients  can expect to feel a slight heat sensation on the blemish. Once the blemish is reduced or removed it will take anywhere from 3-21 days to heal. 


15 minutes  $45.00

30 minutes $80.00

45 minutes $105.00

1 hour $130

Skin Blemishes that can be treated with Thermocoagulation

Telangiectasia | Broken Capillaries

Are a common skin blemish often referred to as spider veins that many want removed primarily from the face. They are commonly found on the nose, chin, cheeks and around the eyes. There are many causes of Telangiectasia including but not limited to, injury, sun damage, diet, medication, alcohol, and aging. 

Age | Liver | Pigment |Brown |Sun Spots

These spots are all pigmented spot that appear on the skin they are often flat, brown and can be in many different sizes and shapes. They are often located in spots that see more sun such as face, shoulders, bikini, legs, and hands. 


Milia are most commonly found on the face around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead. They are often mistaken for pimples as they are tiny white bumps that just appear on the skin. Milia are keratin filled cyst that cannot just be extracted like a pimple because there is no opening. During your treatment the heat is used to create an opening and melt away the milia. 

Skin Tags

Skin tags are a benign growth or flap of skin. They're commonly found all over the body but specifically in areas that tend to rub such, underarms, groin, and neck. They can be quite troublesome because they can easily get caught, pinched or irritated causing discomfort.

Cherry Angiomas | Ruby Points | Campbell Spots

These spots are a vascular are the effect of highly concentrated dilated capillaries. They can be red or more of a purplish black in colour and vary in size. They are often successfully treated in one treatment,  if on the larger side they may require two treatments.


Syringoma are small yellowish flesh colour, brown, or pink benign growth of the sweat gland. They often appear on the eye and neck area. These are often successfully treated in one session.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia 

These spots often appear on the forehead, and cheeks as we age. The sebaceous gland becomes enlarged when the sebum from the gland is trapped and bumps out onto the skin.

Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic Keratosis are often round or oval, brown in colour and can be scaly, or waxy looking. They are often seen on areas of the body exposed by the sun such as  the back, chest, face and hands. Keratosis often appear as we age.