Client First Name
Emma B
June 2022- Present
Newcastle, Ontario
Emma's skin goals are to calm /heal her acne prone skin.

Emma came to Hilltop as a beautiful, outgoing, and funny young women who needed some guidance on how to help her acne prone skin. Together we came up with a skin care regime that allowed Emma to learn and slowly add helpful products/procedures as her personal skin care knowledge grew. I am so excited for Emma's progress and grateful that I was part of her skin care  knowledge journey. 


I want to thank Brookes at Hilltop for everything she did to help me get my skin under control. I was having regular break outs and Brookes really took the time to go over everything. Together we figured out that I am allergic to milk products (she suggested a test that did end up proving this), my skin is sensitive, and doesn't like a lot of scented products, without her I'm sure I still be putting all that stuff into my system. The platinum skin care that Brookes sells has been excellent for my skin and also goes well with the professional chemical peels she offers in her studio. I did and will continue to do Micro-needling and Chemical Peels with her at the studio. I started off with mild peels we did a series of 6 one every week. We then did a deeper peel and some micro-needling switching it up each month for about 5 months. Im so happy with my results, I feel more confident in my skin. I can now go out without layers of foundation anymore! The scaring that was creating from my cystic acne is so much better, when I look back at pictures it makes me cry happy tears. Skin care is a process and it takes time but you can trust that Brookes has your best interests at heart.
Thank you so much Brookes for giving me back my confidence in the way I look.

Emma. B
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